Advantages of distance learning

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Distance learning takes place outside the educational institution. You learn at your own pace from your computer, via an internet connection. This innovative learning method has many advantages, but also disadvantages. Let’s see together the list of  advantages of distance learning , as well as its shortcomings.

What are the benefits of distance learning?

Distance education has a very bright future ahead of it. Indeed, e -learning  has more and more followers every day. Let’s take a look at all the  benefits of distance learning .

Flexibility and a variety of profiles thanks to online courses

Distance learning allows students to feel much more free. The courses are  adapted to the activities of the learners . They can perfectly reconcile their family life with their learning. Students also have the option of  keeping their jobs  and even other studies in parallel. Thus, distance learning adapts perfectly to the vagaries of the daily life of each student.

The possibility of choosing your pace and place of work with distance learning

Online courses can be studied at any time of the day and  from anywhere . They do not necessarily require a classroom, as for a traditional training. E -learning  does not involve schedules, which allows students to feel less pressure. In addition, distance learning does not always have a defined duration. It therefore generates less apprehension due to the lack of time to complete the program. Each student finds his  own rhythm of work .

Savings generated by learners compared to a face-to-face offer

In distance learning, students have no  accommodation costs  related to their training, unlike a traditional school. Transport costs are   also zero: no need to spend money on the bus or the metro, for example. Students also do not pay for fuel or maintenance of a vehicle taking them to the training location.

A personalized work environment according to the difficulties of the students

Learners work in a  known and personalized environment . The decoration of their office, the choice of their outfit or their computer equipment allows them to be productive. Their tools thus respond perfectly to their difficulties. They can  stay in their family circle  if necessary. Distractions from co-workers or classmates are limited by distance learning.

Courses better remembered by students thanks to distance learning

Thanks to the possibility of personalizing their program, students sometimes learn better from a distance. They apply their own methods and use their  own learning tools . Spending more time on certain topics, as needed, is a very effective way to retain their lessons. They thus perpetuate their skills and knowledge. However, this advantage depends on the initial motivation of the learner.

Taking distance learning requires spending a lot of time on a computer. Many problems result, such as  visual fatigue  following the many hours spent in front of a screen. The use of computers on a daily basis also generates diseases linked to  bad postures . This defect can be corrected by reproducing the experience of a classroom in its own office with suitable equipment.

A lack of motivation due to distance learning

Studying online takes  a lot of self-discipline , which isn’t for everyone. Learners find themselves alone in front of their screen and sometimes feel demotivated. They have much  less social interaction , both with other students and with teachers. Compared to a face-to-face class, they may be more prone to procrastination.

Degrees and subjects not suitable for online teaching

Some jobs require traditional training in a specialized establishment. Indeed, learning to fly an airplane or perform a surgical operation is not done online. Experience and  skills are acquired in the field , and not just in front of a screen, for certain professions.

Mastery of technology and computer equipment for e-learning

Being comfortable with computer tools and having a good internet connection is essential for distance learning. E -learning  is largely  dependent on digital  and new computer technologies. Some people are not yet used to using a computer, the internet, a webcam, forums or chats. They will therefore have  problems communicating  with the teachers.

Thus, distance education allows many people to follow training by  reconciling their personal and professional life . With e-learning, everyone sets their own pace of work, while saving money. The personalized environment, one of the great advantages of e-learning , can facilitate access to education. However, these programs have drawbacks related to  lack of motivation , due in part to loneliness. Also, not all degrees can be prepared entirely without face-to-face courses.

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