The 10 best jobs for a student

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Mystery shoppers are hired to play detectives by posing as regular customers. They usually receive a questionnaire to fill out when leaving the store, restaurant or other establishments to share their experiences on different topics, such as cleanliness, employee behavior, quality of stock, etc.

Mystery shoppers are usually employed by a third party rather than the store itself. The store then uses these observations to determine areas where it can improve.

In exchange for these valuable observations, mystery shoppers are either reimbursed for the amount they spent or paid by the hour, depending on the agreement reached with the employer.

1. Call center agent

As a call center agent , you will be required to handle incoming and outgoing calls from customers. Your goal is to provide excellent customer service and build rapport with customers by listening to their needs and answering their questions to resolve any issues they may be facing.

This job is perfect for students, as it only requires a high school diploma and a good command of the language to qualify. Additionally, most companies provide training on their products and services during the first days of work.

2. Part-time tutor

Part-time tutoring is one of the most stable and sought-after side jobs for students. You can earn extra money by tutoring other students or younger students. In addition, you have the possibility of setting your own schedules and prices. To become a private tutor, you just need to have in-depth knowledge in the subject you want to teach.

3. Translator

Translators and interpreters translate documents, such as training manuals, legal documents, web content, personal letters or emails into their native language or other languages ​​they are fluent in . Translators generally work with a written format, while interpreters are called upon to orally translate conversations in different contexts (courts, community and medical services, conferences, etc.).

However, it is very important to have good language and writing skills to succeed in this field. Students can hold part-time positions, or work as freelancers .

4. Technical Writer

Technical writers create many types of documents to help users understand complex systems and technologies. Their role is to explain complex technical information and instructions related to a particular subject, such as the operation of a machine, in a way that everyone can understand. They create product manuals, how-to guides, instruction booklets, journal articles, and more. This job is usually suitable for students in a technical field like web design, engineering, or computer science.

If you are able to understand various complex products and systems and write clear and concise instructions, you can seek employment as a part-time technical writer, or as a freelancer. There are also other areas that are looking for less specialized content writers. This type of employment can therefore provide opportunities for all students. They are very often offered in the form of a freelance contract which offers some flexibility.

What does a copywriter do?

Canadian citizens or permanent resident students may work as many hours per week as permitted by applicable labor laws, up to 48 hours per week, and nine hours per day.

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