A Parent’s Back-to-School Survival

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COVID-19 has turned our daily lives upside down and we are still repairing the damage. Even if your child’s school is almost back to its pre-2020 rhythm, things aren’t quite the same, if only because we’ve all lost our touch a bit . Each child handles change in their own way, and only you know how yours will adapt. Remember that even if things seem to be back to “normal”, your child may be concerned, but not show it.

Make sure your children feel confident to share their feelings with you, and that they don’t hesitate to talk to you if they have problems. Help them find solutions. You may need to make unexpected changes to your schedule or prepare for virtual classes and other upheavals. By setting up a virtual learning schedule in advance (even if you think you’ll never need it), you’ll be better able to handle unexpected events.

Implement health and safety measures

Between COVID-19 still circulating, the appearance of new illnesses and the return of the usual seasonal ailments, like colds and flu, the likelihood of getting sick will remain high this school year. Although restrictions may be lifted in many places, there are still health and safety protocols that you and your family can continue to follow. Most are pretty simple: wash your hands regularly, practice social distancing at school, and consider wearing masks and putting in place protective measures outside the home. Following these tips will reduce the risk of getting sick and protect not only your family’s health, but also the stability and predictability of your routine.

Tip: Children can take time to get used to health and safety protocols, especially if they’re in addition to homework and other activities. Detailed to-do lists in Evernote can help you present this information to them in a clear and logical way so they understand exactly what they need to do to stay healthy and safe. 

We are with you !

This year, the return to school is likely to be a source of frustration. The situation is unprecedented and we are moving into uncharted territory. But as we have seen countless times in recent years, human beings are resilient and can adapt very quickly. Although we hope that circumstances will only improve, it is always best to anticipate and prepare for the unexpected. And what better than a school survival guide that takes into account surprise closures, virtual learning and all the other aspects of the new normal to meet the challenges ahead?

Change can be scary, but there’s no reason the upheavals we’ve experienced in recent years should interfere with your children’s learning and growth. There will always be difficulties, but thanks to new technologies, you will be able to overcome them and better organize yourself to deal with difficult situations. Some apps, like Evernote, help you quickly communicate changes and keep everyone up to date on sudden upheavals. This is the solution to manage back to school in 2022.

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