4 good reasons to send your child to boarding school

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Whether public or private, boarding school can be a solution for parents whose children have discipline problems . Indeed, residents are subject to formal rules from which they cannot escape.

In a public establishment, the only difference with the other students is that the interns stay there to sleep in the evening . But that alone helps to socialize them differently and to modify the conflicting relationships they may have with their parents.

An educational team and supervisors ensure that students do their homework well (they can also help them) and that they respect fixed times for eating  and going to bed. It may seem ridiculous, yet this new framework does a lot of good for students in need of landmarks .An environment conducive to work

Even if the students have leisure time at the end of the day (and fortunately!) there is much less entertainment in boarding school than at home. In addition, students are supervised by a team of supervisors who ensure that homework is done properly.

Thus, your child will necessarily have to devote more time to learning .

Individualized help

Because he has to go to bed at regular times, your child sleeps better and is more focused in class . But, if he ever has trouble doing his math exercises or doesn’t understand a grammar rule, he can always count on the help of supervisors or his comrades .

Indeed, a study time , compulsory each evening, is an opportunity for students to deepen the notions seen in class during the day!

Mitigate social inequalities

This specificity of boarding schools makes it possible to reduce social inequalities . At home, some parents can help their children or call on private teachers. While many others do not have this possibility.

Because they benefit from individualized help outside of class hours, all internal students have the same chance of progressing and getting good grades at school .

The boarding school develops human skills

The boarding school teaches students to live in a group and to respect the rules of the community. Thus, they must take care to maintain a healthy lifestyle and not to dirty the common areas , in order to respect others.

Everyone cannot do what they want and must therefore learn the adage of John Stuart Mill: “The freedom of some ends where that of others begins”

Tolerance and respect for differences

Learning to live in a group therefore implies showing tolerance in the face of diversity . You don’t choose with whom you will have to share your room and your evenings, so you have to know how to be diplomatic in order to maintain good relations during the school year and make friends !

Know how to communicate

This will allow your child to develop their communication skills. To know how to verbalize a problem, to argue, to defend one’s point of view in complete independence and to collectively find lasting solutions.

A spirit of collaboration

It is therefore a real team spirit and a sense of cooperation rather than competition that the boarding school promotes. So many human values ​​and skills that are essential today, both at school and in business .

And if ever your child is not in boarding school or if you think this is not the right solution to improve their school results, rest assured, you can always call on our excellent private teachers, who will put all their talent at the service of your child’s progress!

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